Are you a member of the management team at a Yacht
Club looking to take your members’ experience to the next level?
Marina Screens is here to help! Our state-of-the-art interactive
touch screen kiosks are designed to elevate your club’s offerings,
delight your members, and boost your club’s reputation – all at
ZERO COST to your club!

Enhance Your Yacht Club Experience
with Marina Screens Kiosks

As a Yacht Club Commodore, you understand the importance of delivering an exceptional
experience to your valued members. That’s why Marina Screens is here to help you transform
your yacht club with our cutting-edge interactive touch screen kiosks. With features like easy
access to the latest club information, restaurant reservations, weather, and tides,
Marina Screens offers a host of benefits that will impress your members, all at ZERO COST
to your club and ZERO MAINTENANCE!

Features and Benefits

Seamless Member Engagement

Our interactive touch screen kiosks provide a seamless way for your members to interact with the club. They can access real-time club events, activities, and services effortlessly. From checking the yacht race schedules to booking facilities, our kiosks make it a breeze.

Exclusive Restaurant Reservations

Your members will love the convenience of reserving tables at your club's restaurant through our kiosks. Say goodbye to long waiting times and ensure your members have an unforgettable dining experience.

Up-to-date Weather
and Tides

With Marina Screens kiosks, your members can access current weather conditions and tidal information right at the marina. Keep them informed and safe during their boating adventures.

Zero Cost to Your

Yes, you read that right! Marina Screens kiosks come with NO COST to your yacht club. Our aim is to elevate your members' experience without adding any financial burden.

Zero Maintenance

Say goodbye to the hassle of maintenance. Our team takes care of everything, so your focus can remain on delivering an exceptional experience to your members.

Member Services

Impress your members with personalized greetings as they arrive at the marina, receive updates on exclusive events, or obtain tailored information about available amenities. Marina Screens create a seamless experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Hear from Commodore of Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club

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Testimonial from the Commodore of Charlotte
Harbor Yacht Club

“Watch the Commodore of Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club share their experience with Marina Screens’
kiosks and how it has revolutionized their club. Discover the incredible impact it has had on member
engagement and overall satisfaction.”

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Why Marina Screens?

Trusted by Yacht Clubs Worldwide

We have a proven track record of delivering
exceptional solutions to yacht clubs globally,
enhancing their member experience.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our team is always available to assist you with
any queries or technical support needs.

Seamless Integration

Marina Screens kiosks can seamlessly integrate with
your existing club infrastructure, making the transition
smooth and effortless.

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